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Your Free Library Of Self-Help Ebooks

This site and free library is created as an online public service for those who wish to improve the quality of their personal lives.

The site is an extension of the free DIY life coaching program contained in the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan.

To find out more about the Phoenix Plan, go the page titled The Free Plan

The site’s author makes no direct or indirect financial gain from any of the library downloads  COPYRIGHT @ Personal Transformations 2015

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How the Free Library Works

This site has been set up to provide you with free access to a wide assortment of self-help and personal growth ebooks.

All books are digital downloads in the PDF format which should be compatible with most PCs and reading devices.

There is absolutely no charge for ebook downloads and no membership or registration requirements exist. When you choose an ebook for download you are provided with a link which will take you to a storage site from which you can make the download. Your email address is never asked for.

To see the selection available, go to one of the Book Pages. When a title catches your interest, double-click on it and you will be taken to a panel where more information about the ebook will be provided. If you wish to download it, click on the link provided.

There is no limit on the number of ebooks you can download.

This site was set up in June 2015 and is still experimental in 2018. Its continuation depends on how well it is used and supported. I am most willing to extend the range of free self-ebooks available if there is sufficient demand for this. All expenses and time related to the site and its management are met by me. I receive no financial returns from the downloads.

It is hoped that the ebook selection available here will encourage visitors to work to improve the quality of their personal lives. The site also highlights the free online Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan which can be a supportive tool for positive change.

Please not that any ebooks downloaded from this site may not be sold but may be passed on freely to others provided no alterations or additions are made to the document.

If you wish to find out more about the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan, click on the link below:

Ambrose Hardy


The self-help ebooks listed on this site are all totally free. You may download as many of them as you wish. They have been chosen because they represent areas of life where people often experience problems. In general, they set out to give you hints and suggestions as to how you can improve the quality and direction of your present life. Most of the ebooks set out ideas which are positive and which - if correctly applied - will undoubtedly bring a greater sense of fulfilment to your lifestyle.

But a cautionary note. Some of the ebooks may have a commercial flavour and you must be the judge as to whether or not you should follow up on any programs and deals which may be presented. My own view is that you should extract the quality content which relates to your own lifestyle and follow up only when and if you are convinced that the  author is offering something of real value for your future.

While I support - in general terms - the approaches to self-development laid out in the pages of these free ebooks, I cannot ratify, recommend or agree with every opinion or practice promulgated by any author. As already stated, YOU must be the judge of the appropriateness of any ebook for your personal needs. However, I do believe that by reading or even scanning an author’s work you will have access to a rich area of potential help in your own efforts for personal growth. Moreover, I pay tribute to and respect the effort, good intention and generally sound ideas outlined by the authors in all the  ebooks provided for download.

This is a non-profit site and provided as a totally free service. I do not have the financial means to advertise the site widely and I have to meet all domain and hosting costs personally.

You can support the site by telling others about its existence or by mentioning it on your web site or social media site. Any links to this site would be most appreciated.

You may write to me at any time by emailing me at the address shown on the Contact page.

Enjoy your visit here.

Problems with Hyperlinks?

From time to time, hyperlinks play up or change and therefore do not respond when you click on them. Sometimes, this can be very frustrating..

If you have a problem with any hyperlink or in downloading any item, please let me know by emailing me [see Contact page] and I will endeavour to fix the fault as quickly as possible.

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