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Your Free Library Of Self-Help Ebooks

This site and free library is created as an online public service for those who wish to improve the quality of their personal lives.

The site is an extension of the free DIY life coaching program contained in the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan.

To find out more about the Phoenix Plan, go the page titled The Free Plan

The site’s author makes no direct or indirect financial gain from any of the library downloads  COPYRIGHT @ Personal Transformations 2015


Thanks for visiting I hope that the site has proved interesting for you and - possibly - inspired you to take steps to improve the quality of your lifestyle.

If it has, please tell someone else about it or make reference to it on your social media site. Or you can add a comment on the Visitor Feedback Box on the Feedback page.

If you ever want to contact me about this web site or any of my associated ones based on the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan, please write to me at the email address below. All comments will be responded to personally.

Whatever you do, may good luck, good health and peace of mind come your way!

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