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Your Free Library Of Self-Help Ebooks

This site and free library is created as an online public service for those who wish to improve the quality of their personal lives.

The site is an extension of the free DIY life coaching program contained in the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan.

To find out more about the Phoenix Plan, go the page titled The Free Plan

The site’s author makes no direct or indirect financial gain from any of the library downloads  COPYRIGHT @ Personal Transformations 2015

Group Sites


   [This section currently under revision] [This site]

[Main site for working through Phoenix Self Help Life Plan - instructions are detailed providing step-by-step assistance]  [more about the Phoenix Self-Help Plan]]

[ further introduction to Phoenix Self Help Life Plan]

[if currently you’re battling with stress, conflict and frustration this site might be a starting point for self-improvement]

[How to life coach yourself for free using the Phoenix Self Help Plan]

[a basic guide to dealing with stress with links to free ebook and meditation resources]

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Life is more fulfilling and less stressful when you make it closer to how you want it to be..

It is worth your while to plan the goals and take the steps necessary to get you to where you want to be.

The resources available through this site can help to show you the way  to change your lifestyle for the better.